Windows 10 All-in-One For Dummies

Book description

The most comprehensive guide to Windows 10!

If you're a first-time Windows 10 user looking for an authoritative, accessible guide to the basics of this new operating system, look no further than Windows 10 All-in-One For Dummies. Written by trusted Windows expert Woody Leonhard, this all-encompassing guide cuts through confusing jargon and covers just what you need to know: navigating the start menu, personalizing Windows, working with the desktop, maximizing Windows apps, and enhancing Windows 10. Plus, you'll find helpful instructions on connecting online with Apps, controlling your system, securing Windows, and so much more.

Whether you're upgrading to the new Windows 10 operating system with the hopes of keeping in touch with loved ones via webcam or instant messenger, viewing videos, or looking to make your work or personal life more organized and streamlined, all the guidance you need to make the most of Windows 10 is at your fingertips.

  • Covers all of the new features and updates in Windows 10

  • Takes the guesswork out of upgrading to this new Windows operating system

  • Shows you how to work with apps like a pro

  • Includes tips on protecting your data, your computer, and your identity

  • Whether you're a businessperson looking to use Windows 10 to streamline your work or a home user just upgrading to the new operating system, Windows 10 All-in-One For Dummies makes it easy.

    Table of contents

      1. Cover
      2. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. What You Don’t Have to Read
        4. How This Book Is Organized
        5. Conventions
        6. Icons
        7. Beyond the Book
        8. Where to Go from Here
      3. Book I: Starting Windows 10
        1. Chapter 1: Windows 10 4 N00bs
          1. Hardware and Software
          2. Why Do PCs Have to Run Windows?
          3. A Terminology Survival Kit
          4. What, Exactly, Is the Web?
          5. Buying a Windows 10 Computer
        2. Chapter 2: Windows 10 for the Experienced
          1. A Brief History of Windows 10
          2. The Different Kinds of Windows Programs, Er, Apps
          3. What’s New for the XP Crowd
          4. What’s New for Windows 7 and Vista Victims
          5. What’s New for Windows 8 and 8.1 Users
          6. What’s New for All of Windows
          7. Do You Need Windows 10?
        3. Chapter 3: Which Version?
          1. Counting the Editions
          2. Choosing 32-bit Versus 64-bit
          3. Which Version of Windows Are You Running Right Now?
        4. Chapter 4: Upgrades and Clean Installs
          1. Do You Qualify for Free?
          2. Deciding Whether to Upgrade Your Old PC
          3. Choosing Your Upgrade Path
          4. Upgrading Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update to Windows 10 Online
          5. Installing Win10 from a DVD or USB Drive
          6. Cleaning the Gunk Off New PCs
          7. What If the Wheels Fall Off?
      4. Book II: Personalizing Windows
        1. Chapter 1: Getting Around in Windows
          1. Windows’ New Beginnings
          2. Navigating Around the Desktop
          3. Keying Keyboard Shortcuts
        2. Chapter 2: Changing the Lock Screen and Logon Screen
          1. Working with the Lock Screen
          2. Logging In Uniquely
        3. Chapter 3: Working with the Action/Notification Center
          1. What Is the Action Center?
          2. What, Exactly, Is a Notification?
          3. Working with Notifications
          4. Working with Settings Shortcuts
        4. Chapter 4: Controlling Users
          1. Why You Need Separate User Accounts
          2. Choosing Account Types
          3. What’s Good and Bad about Microsoft Accounts
          4. Adding Users
          5. Changing Accounts
          6. Switching Users
        5. Chapter 5: Microsoft Account: To Sync or Not to Sync?
          1. What, Exactly, Is a Microsoft Account?
          2. Deciding Whether You Want a Microsoft Account
          3. Setting Up a Microsoft Account
          4. Taking Care of Your Microsoft Account
          5. Controlling Sync
        6. Chapter 6: Privacy Control
          1. Why You Should Be Concerned
          2. Knowing What Connections Windows Prefers
          3. Controlling Location Tracking
          4. Minimizing Privacy Intrusion
      5. Book III: Working on the Desktop
        1. Chapter 1: Running Your Desktop from Start to Finish
          1. Tripping through Win10’s Three Personas
          2. Working with the Traditional Desktop
          3. Mousing with Your Mouse
          4. Starting with the Start Button
          5. Touching on the Taskbar
          6. Tapping with Tablet Mode
          7. Working with Files and Folders
          8. Creating Shortcuts
          9. Keying Keyboard Shortcuts
          10. Sleep: Perchance to Dream
        2. Chapter 2: Personalizing the Start Menu
          1. Touring the Start Menu
          2. Modifying the Start Menu
          3. Resizing the Start Menu
          4. Changing Tiles on the Start Menu
          5. Organizing Your Start Menu Tiles
        3. Chapter 3: Personalizing the Desktop and Taskbar
          1. Decking out the Desktop
          2. Resolving Desktop Resolution
          3. Putting Icons and Shortcuts on the Desktop
          4. Tricking out the Taskbar
        4. Chapter 4: Working with Multiple Desktops
          1. Getting around Multiple Desktops
          2. Interacting between Desktops
          3. Other Multiple Desktop Settings
        5. Chapter 5: Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox
          1. Which Browser Is Best?
          2. Using Internet Explorer on the Desktop
          3. Customizing Firefox
          4. Optimizing Google Chrome
          5. Searching on the Web
          6. Referring to Internet Reference Tools
        6. Chapter 6: Hey, Cortana!
          1. The Cortana Backstory
          2. Make Cortana Respond to “Hey, Cortana”
          3. Setting up Cortana
          4. Using Cortana Settings
        7. Chapter 7: Maintaining Your System
          1. What Are the Differences among Restore, Reset, System Repair, Recovery Mode, Refresh, and Restart?
          2. Using a Password Reset Disk
          3. Maintaining Drives
          4. Maintaining Solid State Drives
          5. Zipping and Compressing
      6. Book IV: Using the Built-In Universal Apps
        1. Chapter 1: Using the Mail and Calendar Apps
          1. Choosing a Mail/Calendar App
          2. Drilling Down on Windows 10 Universal Mail
          3. Universal Mail Settings
          4. Avoiding Universal Calendar App Collisions
          5. Beyond Email
        2. Chapter 2: Keeping Track of People
          1. The Contact List in Windows 10
          2. Putting Contacts in the Universal People App
          3. Alternatives to the Win10 Universal People App
        3. Chapter 3: Zooming the Photos App and Beyond
          1. Discovering What Windows Photos App Can Do
          2. Touring Photos
          3. Editing Photos
          4. Setting Settings
          5. Adding Photos
          6. Importing Pictures from a Camera orExternal Drive
          7. Working with Albums
          8. Storing and Managing Photos Online
        4. Chapter 4: Noting OneNote
          1. Getting Started in OneNote with or without a Pen
          2. Setting Up Notebooks, Sections, Pages
          3. Embellishing on a OneNote Page
          4. Sending to OneNote
          5. Setting Settings
        5. Chapter 5: Making Maps
          1. Basic Map Functions
          2. Navigating with the Map App
          3. Taking a Map Offline
        6. Chapter 6: Running Music and Movies & TV
          1. Getting Your Music and Movies into the Apps
          2. Running around the Universal Music App
          3. Finding Music and Playlists
          4. Buying Music
          5. Running around the Movies & TV App
      7. Book V: Connecting with the Universal Apps
        1. Chapter 1: Introducing Edge
          1. A Walk through Microsoft Edge
          2. Working with Web Note
          3. A Sampler of Edge Settings
        2. Chapter 2: Using Skype in Windows 10
          1. Exploring Skype Alternatives
          2. Signing up with Skype
          3. Making First Contact
          4. Adding a Contact
          5. A Few Tips from Skype-ologists
        3. Chapter 3: News, Money, and Sports
          1. Recognizing the Bing in Everyone
          2. Reading the News with Bing
          3. Pinning Money for Fun and Profit
          4. Sports Fans Everywhere, Take Note
          5. More Universal Apps
        4. Chapter 4: Navigating the Windows Store
          1. Checking out What a Universal App Can Do
          2. Browsing the Windows Store
          3. Searching the Windows Store
          4. Updating Your Windows Store Apps
        5. Chapter 5: Games, Games, and Games
          1. Searching the Store for Games
          2. Bringing Back the Classics
          3. Starting with Sudoku
          4. Cutting the Rope with Style
          5. Pirates Love Daisies
          6. Despicable Me, Sonic, and More
      8. Book VI: Socializing with the Universal Apps
        1. Chapter 1: Organizing Office for Windows 10
          1. Three Major Branches of the Office Family Tree
          2. Setting Up Universal Office for Windows 10
          3. The Future of Universal Windows Office
        2. Chapter 2: Using OneDrive
          1. What Is OneDrive?
          2. Setting Up a OneDrive Account
          3. Running OneDrive on the Web
          4. Syncing Files from OneDrive to Your Machine
          5. The Future of OneDrive — We Hope
        3. Chapter 3: Getting Started with Facebook
          1. Signing Up for a Facebook Account
          2. Building a Great Timeline
          3. Using the Universal Facebook App
        4. Chapter 4: Getting Started with Twitter
          1. Understanding Twitter
          2. Setting Up a Twitter Account
          3. Tweeting for Beginners
          4. Hooking Twitter into Windows
        5. Chapter 5: Getting Started with LinkedIn
          1. Signing Up for LinkedIn
          2. Using LinkedIn for Fun and Profit
      9. Book VII: Controlling Your System
        1. Chapter 1: Settings, Settings, and More Settings
          1. Introducing the Universal Settings App
          2. Spelunking through the Control Panel
          3. Putting Shortcuts to Settings on Your Desktop
          4. “God Mode”
        2. Chapter 2: Troubleshooting and Getting Help
          1. Starting with Contact Support
          2. Troubleshooting the Easy Way
          3. System Stability and the Reliability Monitor
          4. Tricks to Using Windows Help
          5. How to Really Get Help
          6. Snapping and Recording Your Problems
          7. Connecting to Remote Assistance
          8. Getting Help Online
        3. Chapter 3: Working with Libraries
          1. Understanding Libraries
          2. Making Your Libraries Visible
          3. Working with Your Default Libraries
          4. Customizing Libraries
          5. Creating Your Own Library
        4. Chapter 4: Storing in Storage Spaces
          1. Understanding the “Virtualization” of Storage
          2. Setting Up Storage Spaces
          3. Working with Storage Spaces
          4. Storage Space Strategies
        5. Chapter 5: Getting the Most from Homegroups
          1. Preparing a PC for a Homegroup
          2. Connecting to a Homegroup
          3. Sharing Files and Printers in a Homegroup
          4. Navigating to a Homegroup Folder
          5. Caring for Your Homegroup
          6. Venturing beyond Homegroups
        6. Chapter 6: Running the Built-In Applications
          1. Setting Alarms & Clock
          2. Getting Free Word Processing
          3. Taming the Character Map
          4. Calculating — Free
          5. Painting
          6. Sticking Sticky Notes
        7. Chapter 7: Working with Printers
          1. Installing a Printer
          2. Using the Print Queue
          3. Troubleshooting Printing
          4. Catching a Runaway Printer
      10. Book VIII: Maintaining Windows 10
        1. Chapter 1: File History, Backup, Data Restore, and Sync
          1. What Happened to the Windows 7 Backup?
          2. The Future of Reliable Storage Is in the Cloud
          3. Backing Up and Restoring Files with File History
          4. Storing to and through the Cloud
        2. Chapter 2: A Fresh Start: Restore and Reset
          1. The Three R’s — and an SI and RE
          2. Resetting Your PC
          3. Resetting Your PC and Removing Everything
          4. Restoring to an Earlier Point
          5. Entering the Windows Recovery Environment
        3. Chapter 3: Monitoring Windows
          1. Viewing Events
          2. Gauging System Reliability
        4. Chapter 4: Using System Tools
          1. Tasking Task Manager
          2. Installing a Second Hard Drive
          3. Running a Virtual Machine
      11. Book IX: Securing Windows 10
        1. Chapter 1: Spies, Spams, Scams — They’re Out to Get You
          1. Understanding the Hazards — and the Hoaxes
          2. Staying Informed
          3. Am I Infected?
          4. Getting Protected
          5. Dealing with Data Breaches
        2. Chapter 2: Fighting Viri and Scum
          1. Basic Windows Security Do’s and Don’ts
          2. Making Sense of Malware
          3. Scanning for Rootkits with Windows Defender Offline
          4. Deciphering Browsers’ Inscrutable Warnings
        3. Chapter 3: Running Built-In Security Programs
          1. Working with Windows Defender
          2. Judging SmartScreen
          3. Booting Securely with UEFI
          4. Controlling User Account Control
          5. Poking at Windows Firewall
        4. Chapter 4: Top Security Helpers
          1. Deciding about BitLocker
          2. Managing Your Passwords
          3. Keeping Your Other Programs Up to Date
          4. Blocking Java and Flash in Your Browser
          5. Fighting Back at Tough Scumware
          6. Securing Your Communication with VyprVPN
      12. Book X: Enhancing Windows 10
        1. Chapter 1: Using Your iPad and iPhone with Windows
          1. Running iTunes on Windows, or Maybe Not
          2. The Inside Story on Office for iPad
          3. Great iPad Apps to Use with Windows
          4. Playing with Kids on Your iPad or iPhones
        2. Chapter 2: Android, Chromecast, Roku, Kindle, and Windows 10
          1. What, Exactly, Is Android?
          2. Connecting TVs with Roku, Plex, and Chromecast
          3. Using Office for Android
          4. Wrangling E-Book Files
          5. Getting Media from Your PC to Your Kindle
        3. Chapter 3: Getting Started with Gmail, Google Apps, and Drive
          1. Finding Alternatives to Windows with Google
          2. Setting Up Gmail
          3. Using Google Docs/Drive
          4. Moving Your Domain to Google
        4. Chapter 4: Using Web-Based (nee Hotmail)
          1. Getting Started with
          2. Bringing back Quick Views/Categories
          3. Bringing Some Sanity to Organization
          4. Handling Failures
          5. Importing Messages into Gmail
          6. Weighing the Alternatives
        5. Chapter 5: Windows’ Best Free Add-Ons
          1. Windows Universal Apps You Absolutely Must Have
          2. The Best of the Rest — All Free
          3. Don’t Pay for Software You Don’t Need!
      13. Dedication
      14. Cheat Sheet
      15. Advertisement Page
      16. Connect with Dummies
      17. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: Windows 10 All-in-One For Dummies
    • Author(s): Woody Leonhard
    • Release date: September 2015
    • Publisher(s): For Dummies
    • ISBN: 9781119038726