Chapter 2

Changing the Lock Screen and Logon Screen

In This Chapter

arrow Creating your own lock screen

arrow Putting apps on the lock screen

arrow Changing the way you log on

arrow Setting a picture password or PIN

arrow Avoiding logging on altogether

Windows presents three hurdles for you to clear before you can get down to work (or play, or whatever):

  1. You have to get past the lock screen. That’s a first-level hurdle so your computer doesn’t accidentally get started, like the lock screen on a smartphone or an iPad.
  2. If there’s more than one person — one account — set up on the computer, you have to choose which person will log on. I go into detail about setting up user accounts in Book II, Chapter 4.
  3. If a password’s associated with the account, you must type it into the computer. Windows allows different kinds of passwords, which are particularly helpful if you’re working on a touch-only tablet or a tiny screen like a telephone’s. But the idea’s the same: Unless you specifically set up an account without a ...

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