Chapter 3

Working with the Action/Notification Center

In This Chapter

arrow What is the Action Center?

arrow Settings in the Action Center

arrow The different kinds of notifications

arrow What you can do with notifications

If you’ve ever used a moderately sentient phone or tablet, you already know about the notification center. Different devices do it differently, but the general idea is that the phone watches and gathers notifications — little warning messages or status reports — that are sent to you. The phone or tablet gathers all the notifications and puts them in one place, where you can look at them and decide what to do from there.

In Windows 7, notifications just kind of flew by, and there weren’t many of them. In Windows 8 and 8.1, you typically see many more notifications (I’m looking at you, Gmail running in Chrome), but they still fly by. There’s no way in Windows 8 or 8.1 to look at old notifications. After they’re off the screen — frequently for just a few seconds — that’s it. And when they pile up, they can pile up and up and up and up, taking over the right edge of your screen.

Finally, ...

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