Chapter 4

Working with Multiple Desktops

In This Chapter

arrow What, exactly, is a virtual desktop?

arrow How to build one of your own

arrow Switching among desktops in Task View

arrow Creating balance among your desktops

When talk turns to virtual desktops in Windows 10, most people are referring to Win10’s ability to support and juggle multiple desktops. You can set up a desktop for your work, a desktop for fun things, a desktop for your favorite hobby or club, and Windows keeps them all separate. You can run programs on each desktop, run the same program on two or more desktops, and mix and match — and Windows keeps them from stepping all over each other.

In Figure 4-1, you can see three running desktops, and the way they appear in Task View.


Figure 4-1: These three desktops run independently.

askwoodycom Apparently people have forgotten, but Windows XP had a similar capability, which could be brought to life by ...

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