Chapter 1

Using the Mail and Calendar Apps

In This Chapter

arrow How the new Win10 productivity apps hang together

arrow How we got into this brave new world

arrow Choosing Mail and Calendar apps

arrow Navigating Win10’s tiled Universal Mail

arrow Avoiding duplicates and other Win10 Universal Calendar problems

The whole “productivity” app situation — Mail, Calendar, and People — has gone through enormous change since the days of Windows 7. In the, ahem, good old days, Mail, Calendar, and People were basically just one app — very similar to the current situation in Office, where Outlook covers all the bases. That single app, confusingly, was called Windows Live Mail, even though it handled mail and contacts and calendar. It worked reasonably well, but it was old and clunky, and didn’t have many features.

askwoodycom In Windows 8, Microsoft turned out three separate Metro tiled apps: Mail, Calendar, and People. In fact, all ...

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