Chapter 6

Running Music and Movies & TV

In This Chapter

arrow Understand how Spotify and Pandora have changed the industry

arrow Bring your music into the Music app, and movies into Movies & TV

arrow Navigating the Music and Movies & TV apps

Microsoft has been trying for years to put together a decent media player — a program that can play songs and videos. For years, we Windows users have had to settle for programs from other companies, notably VLC, ignobly Apple, to get worthwhile players. And I use the terms “iTunes for Windows” and “worthwhile” in the same sentence only under duress.

With Windows 10, it looks like Microsoft finally put people in charge who understand music, who understand movies. It’s like a breath of fresh air (see Figure 6-1).


Figure 6-1: The Universal Music app is like a breath of fresh air.

askwoodycom There’s powerful incentive to do so. Apple’s made billions from iTunes. Microsoft wants a piece of that action, because it now sells both songs and flicks.

In Windows 8 and 8.1, the Xbox ...

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