Chapter 1

Introducing Edge

In This Chapter

arrow Why does Microsoft need a new browser?

arrow What Edge does — and doesn’t do

arrow Stepping through Edge

arrow Settings for the nascent browser

As we went to press, Microsoft Edge was just starting to spread its wings. Born in a hellish crucible of Internet Explorer excess, Microsoft’s new browser is fast and light, and — most importantly — it has shed all the baggage that IE carried for so long.

askwoodycom I touch on Internet Explorer, lightly, in Book III, Chapter 5. I don’t recommend that you use it. In fact, I’ve been actively campaigning against its use since the days of Windows XP.

Why? Microsoft took its dominance in the web browser market as an excuse to release all sorts of Microsoft-only products, tie them into the browser, and convince developers to sing the IE song: ActiveX and Silverlight, Helper Objects, and Explorer Bars are all part of a lexicon that should have never appeared — one that should be crushed as quickly as possible.

What does that mean for ...

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