Chapter 5

Games, Games, and Games

In This Chapter

arrow Searching for games

arrow Klondike and the Solitaires

arrow Tapping Pirates Love Daisies

arrow Starting with Sudoku

arrow Old games reborn

The Windows Store offers tons of games. Many of them, including some free ones, are well worth trying.

If you’re looking for old Windows standbys like Minesweeper and Solitaire, they’re here too — but they’re all gussied up, fabulously more playable, and very touch friendly, unlike their elder counterparts. In fact, the free touch-savvy Minesweeper and Solitaire may be enough to convince you to buy a touch tablet. No joke.

Unfortunately, the old Windows 7 cheats don’t work anymore, but the eye candy should more than compensate.

askwoodycom In this chapter, I talk about a sampling of games — free games — that you can download from the Windows Store and play directly on just about any Windows 10 computer. You don’t need a monster graphics ...

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