Chapter 1

Organizing Office for Windows 10

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the various versions of Office

arrow Installing the touch-friendly Universal Office

arrow Tips to get more done, faster

In this chapter, I look at the touch-friendly “Universal” version of Office and how it works with (and against!) Windows 10.

askwoodycom If your only interest is in the old-fashioned mouse-centric version of Office, you have my sympathies and my encouragement (only slightly tongue-in-cheek, this coming from somebody who started with Word 1.0), but the problems and opportunities with Office 365/Office 2016 are very different, well-documented, and grist for great books such as Peter Weverka’s Office 2016 All-In-One For Dummies (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.).

Three Major Branches of the Office Family Tree

There are so many different versions of Office, it’s hard to count them all. Microsoft is only gradually sorting out all the names. Not all Offices are the same — not by a long shot — but in general they’ll all share the same documents without clobbering them.

That’s a big advantage over some rivals.

I tend to break ...

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