Chapter 2

Using OneDrive

In This Chapter

arrow Introducing OneDrive

arrow Working with OneDrive through File Explorer

arrow Running OneDrive on the Internet

arrow Music, music, and more music

arrow Future directions with OneDrive

If you’ve used Windows for a while, you might recall the Microsoft online storage service known as SkyDrive. Those were the old days. Microsoft lost a trademark lawsuit in the U.K. with British Sky Broadcasting — the TV people — and instead of taking the lawsuit back for another appeal, MS decided it was smarter to just stop using the term Sky. I’m astounded that a company can trademark the name Sky, but then again I’m still dealing with the idea that a company can trademark the name Windows.

As we went to press, Microsoft had cut back on OneDrive’s features, removing extra goodies added in Windows 8.1, and trimming it back to, more or less, the Windows 8 version. Microsoft removed its Universal (formerly Metro) OneDrive app, basically leaving all of us with using OneDrive through File ...

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