Chapter 1

File History, Backup, Data Restore, and Sync

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering what happened to the Windows 7 backup

arrow Backing and restoring your data

arrow Can you make a full-disk “ghost” backup?

arrow Storing via the cloud

If you’re accustomed to using earlier versions of Windows to back up or restore data, to “ghost” a whole drive, or to set restore points, you’re probably in this chapter looking for something that no longer exists.

remember Although you can set manual restore points — much the same process as it was in Windows ME, many moons ago — the way to do so is buried deep inside the new Windows, and frankly, your need for them is highly debatable.

Microsoft has, in one stroke, made backup and restore much simpler and much less controllable. Or perhaps I should say micro-manageable.

In this chapter, I talk about how to back up your data: running backups, restoring them, being smart about where to store them, and accessing them if something goes wrong. (In Chapter 2 of this minibook, I talk ...

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