Chapter 3

Monitoring Windows

In This Chapter

arrow Watching Windows with the built-in tools

arrow Finding and fixing problems

arrow Working with the Event Viewer

arrow Tracking reliability over time

Windows 10 ships with a small array of tools designed to help you look at your system and warn you if something’s wrong. In this chapter, I talk about two of them: Event Viewer and Reliability Monitor.

tip One long-time monitoring tool is gone. RIP. Windows Vista included a rag-tag, system performance benchmarking routine known as the Windows Experience Index. It continued through Windows 7 and 8. I used WEI all the time as a quick way to check PCs in shops to see which ones were great and which were merely mediocre. It wasn’t the best test, but it was good enough for quick comparisons, and every Windows PC had a copy.

Microsoft dropped the WEI in Windows 8.1. One of its biggest motivations: The original Surface Pro — Microsoft’s flagship Windows machine — scored a meager 5.9 on a scale from 1 to 9.9, which put it ...

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