Chapter 4

Using System Tools

In This Chapter

arrow Unveiling the super Task Manager

arrow Installing a new hard drive

arrow Running Hyper-V

Windows abounds with tools that can help you do everything from taking out the dog to making the perfect espresso — at least, if your computer runs hot. In this chapter, I step you through three specific tools that can come in very handy:

  • remember The new-in-Windows-8, better-in-Windows-10 greatly improved and expanded Task Manager has turned into the Swiss Army knife of Windows applications. In Windows 7, you had to bring up, navigate to, and download and/or install a half dozen different tools to even come close to what the Win10 Task Manager does right out of the box. In earlier versions of Windows, many of the tools existed only in vestigial form.

  • Windows includes all the tools you need to install a new hard drive, and the steps are easier than you think. All it takes is a trip to the Disk Management application. In this chapter, I show you how.
  • askwoodycom Finally, I have a ...

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