Chapter 1

Using Your iPad and iPhone with Windows

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering the best peripheral your PC ever had

arrow Running iTunes on Windows

arrow Breaking the iTunes link with iCloud

arrow The inside story on Office for iPad and iPhone

arrow Recommending great iPad apps to use with Windows

arrow Letting your kids use iPads and iPhones

Like it or not — and I know that many don’t — tablets are changing the way the world works and plays. Whether it’s an iPad, a Kindle, a Nook, an Android, or even a Windows tablet or phone, mobile devices are rolling over the computing landscape like rainclouds over Redmond. Big rainclouds.

Some people moan about the way “toy computers” are taking over. I, for one, relish it. A tablet is vastly superior to a notebook — even an ultrabook, or any other kind of book — in performing very specific tasks. And they’re tasks I do all the time: surfing the web, watching videos, keeping ...

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