Chapter 2

Android, Chromecast, Roku, Kindle, and Windows 10

In This Chapter

arrow Making Windows 10 cooperate with your Android device

arrow Driving your TV with Chromecast and Windows 10

arrow The Roku connection between Windows and your TV

arrow Demystifying book file formats

arrow Getting media from your PC to your Kindle

I love my iPad. (Actually, iPads.) My wife loves her iPhone. I also love my Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab, and our various Android tablets, including the best reading tablet around, the Amazon Kindle. I “cut the cord” (stopped paying for cable TV) a decade ago, substituting a Roku several years ago, driving downloaded media to the Roku from Plex, which runs on my Windows computers. And in the past couple of years, I find myself using a Chromecast more and more to let the family watch what I’m seeing on my Windows laptop.

askwoodycom How do I reconcile all that technological promiscuity with my decades-long ...

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