Chapter 4

Controlling Users


check Choosing an account type

check Weighing the pros and cons of Microsoft accounts

check Adding a user

check Changing accounts

check Switching between users

Microsoft reports that 70 percent of all Windows PCs have just one user account. That’s a startling figure. It means that 70 percent of all Windows PCs run at the most permissive security level, all the time. It means that, on 70 percent of all Windows PCs, little Billy can install Internet Antivirus 2011 — a notorious piece of scumware — and have it bring down the whole family with a couple of simple clicks. “Sorry, Dad, but it’s an antivirus program, and it said that we really need to install it, and it’s just $49.95 for a three-month subscription. I thought you said that antivirus was good. They wouldn’t lie about stuff like that, would they?”

askwoody Although it’s undoubtedly true that many PCs are each used by ...

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