Chapter 4

Getting Started with LinkedIn


check Getting signed up for LinkedIn

check Hooking LinkedIn into Windows

check Using LinkedIn for fun and profit

In some ways, LinkedIn resembles Facebook — keeping up with people and expanding connections are grist for the mill. But in other ways, LinkedIn is completely different; LinkedIn is focused on professional relationships, which LinkedIn calls connections.

You can use your LinkedIn connections to showcase products, look for a job, advertise a job, scout new business opportunities, find temporary help, stay up to date on companies that interest you — for any reason — or just replace your old Rolodex (does anybody still use a Rolodex?) or that tattered box of business cards on your desk.

With more than 467 million subscribers — half of whom are in the US — LinkedIn has more than reached critical mass. Many business people consider it a key part of their existence.

askwoody LinkedIn doesn’t have a Windows Universal app. There’s nothing in the Windows Store from LinkedIn. But that shouldn’t stop you from using it on your Windows 10 computer. All ...

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