CHAPTER 14Managing Windows 10 Hyper-V in an Enterprise

As the Windows 10 operating system grows more pervasive in the corporate world, managing Windows 10 clients becomes more important to the system administrator and other enterprise-level users. System administrators are tasked with becoming more familiar with Windows 10 to manage it in larger organizations.

Virtual machines are one way administrators have found to become more adept at Windows 10 features, application enrichments, device driver issues, and other elements of the operating system.

Understanding Hyper-V in Enterprises

Here are a few ways how running Hyper-V in an enterprise can be beneficial:

  • Hyper-V provides a way to “try out” new operating systems without fully committing to them on production clients. If you are interested in a new operating system (say, the latest version of Windows 10), but you are not sure you are ready to take the plunge, fire up a Hyper-V virtual machine of the latest and greatest version and give it a spin. If you are not sure about jumping feet first into the latest version, simply remove the virtual machine and you are finished with it.
  • Installing Hyper-V on a workstation, even an old workstation or laptop, enables you to install older versions of software to test how that software ...

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