CHAPTER 17Using Cortana for Searching

Cortana is a digital personal assistant tool built into Windows 10. It provides you a way to access information by typing search criteria or by speaking commands. Information searches, files, calendar events, news, weather, sports updates, and other information is available through Cortana.

Cortana is available on Windows desktops, Windows tablets (such as Microsoft Surface tablets), and handheld mobile devices. Microsoft provides iOS (Apple iPhone) and Android apps as well, to provide you with Cortana access even when you are not using Windows-based devices.

Understanding Cortana

Cortana, named for the fictional artificial intelligence character in the Halo game series, was introduced on the Windows Phone 8.1 platform. It is an intelligent personal assistant that can help you set reminders, perform searches, answer questions, recognize music, and launch apps using voice or text commands. If you speak a question, Cortana typically speaks the answer. If you type a question, Cortana answers with a text response.

Cortana (if you let it) can learn about you, your interests and habits, locations you often visit, and other information to simplify your work or personal life. For example, Cortana can search for and detect flight schedules in your e-mails and add the information to your calendar for you, or identify tracking ...

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