CHAPTER 24Getting Older Programs to Run

You can run almost any program that's installed on your computer just by clicking its tile on the Windows 10 Start menu. But every rule has exceptions. Chief among the list of exceptions are old programs that were written to work with earlier versions of Windows. Or, even worse, programs that were written to run on DOS.

That isn't to say Windows can't run old programs. Most of the time, it can run an older program as is, without any changes at all on your part. This is especially true if the program was written for Windows XP or later versions of Windows. So, before you assume that you have to do something to try to get an older program to run, try running the program normally. If it runs, you're set. If it doesn't run, this is the chapter you need.

Understanding Program Types

A couple of types of programs can be considered “old” in the context of this chapter:

  • DOS programs: These programs were developed to run under various versions of the Disk Operating System (DOS), the precursor to Windows.
  • Windows programs: These Windows applications were written for Windows ME and earlier versions of Windows.

What does “16-bit” mean? Three classes of Windows applications exist: 16-bit, 32-bit, and 64-bit. The number of bits indicates the maximum amount of addressable memory supported by the program. ...

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