Chapter 18Making Music with Media Player

Using your computer to collect, manage, and play music is lots of fun. You can build up a collection of all your favorite songs, make custom CDs from those songs, or copy them to a portable MP3 player. You can use your computer as a stereo to play any songs you like in any order you like. If your computer is part of a network, you can share songs and play them on any computer that's in the network.

Windows 10 comes with one program and one Windows 10 app for collecting and playing music. One program is Windows Media Player, which we discuss in this chapter. The app is called Groove Music and it can be found on the Start menu. Music is more suited to Windows tablets and other devices, like Xbox, and its raison d'etre is mainly playing music and creating playlists. It also has an online radio component.

Controlling Sound Volume

Before we get into Windows Media Player, you need to know a few things upfront about music and video. In particular, you want to get your sound working and under control, so you can listen to whatever you like, without blasting your eardrums out!

Before you begin, make sure that you can control the volume of your speakers. At any given time, you're likely to have at least three volume controls available to you. The control that's set the lowest wins, ...

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