Chapter 6

Playing with Programs, Apps, and Documents

In This Chapter

arrow Opening a program, an app, or a document

arrow Changing which program opens which document

arrow Installing, uninstalling, and updating apps

arrow Creating a shortcut

arrow Cutting, copying, and pasting

In Windows, programs and apps are your tools: Load a program or an app, and you can add numbers, arrange words, and shoot spaceships.

Documents, by contrast, are the things you create with apps and programs, such as tax forms, heartfelt apologies, and lists of high scores.

This chapter explains the basics of opening programs and apps from the new Start menu in Windows. It explains how to find and download a new app from the Start menu’s Store app. It also shows you where to find an app’s menus (Microsoft mysteriously hid them).

As you flip through this chapter’s pages, you figure out how to make your preferred program open your files. You also create desktop shortcuts — buttons that let you load desktop programs without visiting the Start ...

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