Chapter 7

Finding the Lost

In This Chapter

arrow Finding currently running apps and programs

arrow Finding lost desktop windows and files

arrow Finding lost programs, e-mails, songs, photos, and documents

arrow Finding other computers on a network

Sooner or later, Windows gives you that head-scratching feeling. “Golly,” you say as you drum nervous fingers, “that stuff was right there a second ago. Where did it go?”

When Windows starts playing hide-and-seek, this chapter tells you where to search and how to make it stop playing foolish games.

Finding Currently Running Apps and Programs

Apps usually hog the entire screen on Windows 10 tablets. Switch to another app, and it fills the screen, covering up the previous app. Sure, your current app is easy to read, but at a cost: Your other running apps remain constantly hidden beneath an invisibility cloak.

The Windows desktop lets you run apps and programs in separate windows. But even then, those windows tend to overlap, hiding the ones beneath.

How do you find and return to an app or program you just used? How do you jump between them, perhaps glancing ...

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