Chapter 1

What Is Windows 10?


check Getting to know Windows 10

check Discovering the new features in Windows 10

check Deciding whether to switch to Windows 10

check Figuring out whether your PC is powerful enough to run Windows 10

check Knowing which version of Windows 10 you need

Chances are good that you’ve heard about Windows: the boxes and windows that greet you whenever you turn on your computer. In fact, millions of people worldwide are puzzling over Windows as you read this book. Almost every new computer and laptop sold today comes with Windows preinstalled, ready to toss colorful boxes onto the screen.

This chapter helps you understand why Windows lives inside your computer, and I introduce Microsoft’s latest Windows version, Windows 10. I explain how Windows 10 differs from previous Windows versions and help you determine whether you should upgrade your computer to Windows 10.

Finally, I explain what’s new in Windows 10 and whether you should install this upgrade onto your Windows 7 or ...

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