Chapter 16

Playing and Copying Music


check Playing music, video, and CDs

check Creating, saving, and editing playlists

check Copying CDs to your hard drive or another disc

Built for minimalists, the Windows 10 Groove Music app sticks to the essentials. With a few clicks, it plays music stored on both your computer and OneDrive, your storage space on the Internet.

For some, that’s plenty. But the Groove Music app lacks more robust features. Stuck in a world of digital files, the Groove Music app can’t copy music CDs onto your computer. It can’t create CDs from your music files. It can’t even play a music CD you’ve slipped into your PC’s disc drive. And since Microsoft discontinued its Groove Music Pass service in January 2018, the app no longer lets you purchase music or listen to Internet radio stations. (Instead, it urges you to subscribe to the Spotify paid streaming music service.)

In short, Groove Music is now a bare-bones player for music you already own. That’s fine for Windows tablets and many new laptops; they lack disc drives, so their owners naturally embrace digital music.

On a desktop PC, however, you probably want to stick with the program from yesteryear, Windows Media ...

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