Chapter 3. Concepts

As described in the preface, this chapter begins the alphabetical reference portion of the book and covers the underlying terms and concepts relating to Windows 2000 Server and its administration. Before looking up how to perform a particular administrative task in Active Directory, you may first want to read the background information on the topic in this chapter.

Concepts are listed here alphabetically and are cross-referenced with articles in this and other chapters where appropriate. I’ve tried to facilitate learning while avoiding too much repetition; I decided the best way to do this was probably to center explanations of key Windows 2000 concepts in main articles, while briefly defining subsidiary concepts and cross-referencing them to the main articles. For example, simple volume , mirrored volume , spanned volume , and other concepts relating to Windows 2000 disk technologies are defined briefly under their own headings and cross-referenced to the main article disks where a detailed explanation of these concepts and how they relate to each other is provided.

Sometimes, however, it seemed better instead for me to reverse this procedure. For example, making the article user account cover all types of Windows 2000 user accounts would require too lengthy an article, so instead the article user account has only a brief definition of the concept of a user account, along with cross-references to fuller articles like domain user account, local user account ...

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