disk quota


Enable, enforce limits for, monitor quota entries, override, remotely manage, and set limits or warning levels for disk quotas.


Disk quotas need to be enabled before quota limits and warnings can be set. To enable and set disk quotas, you access the property sheet of an NTFS partition, volume, or logical drive. The property sheet can be accessed using:

  • My Computer

  • Windows Explorer

  • Disk Management in the Computer Management console

The following procedures assume you have opened the property sheet for a disk using any of these methods.

Note that the Quota tab on the property sheet for a disk is confusing at first and not very well designed. This would have been a good place for one of Microsoft’s famous “wizards” to be included.

Enable Disk Quotas

Disk Properties Quota Enable quota management


The traffic light on the Quota tab of a disk’s property sheet indicates the status of disk quotas as follows:

Green light

Disk quotas are enabled.

Red light

Disk quotas are not enabled.

Yellow light

Disk quotas are enabled, but Windows 2000 is currently busy rebuilding the quota information.

Enforcing Quota Limits

Disk Properties Quota “Deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit”

Log Disk Quota Events

Disk Properties Quota “Log event when a user exceeds their quota (or warning) limit”

You can log quota-warning events, quota limit-exceeded events, or both. These events are logged to the System log and can be viewed using the Event Viewer console. See Event ...

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