built-in group


A special group that is created during installation of Windows 2000 Server.


A number of special groups are created during the installation of Windows 2000 Server. These built-in groups have predefined sets of rights that simplify the job of administering user accounts. For example, by adding a user account to the Administrators built-in group, that user gains all the rights and privileges that the special Administrator account has.

Different built-in groups are available depending on whether you are working with member servers or domain controllers, and whether you have implemented your Windows 2000 environment as a workgroup or a domain.

Workgroup Setting

In a workgroup setting, each standalone server running Windows 2000 Server or client computer running Windows 2000 Professional has only one type of built-in group available, namely, built-in local groups. These built-in local groups can be used to simplify the job of administering the computer on which they exist. They control access to resources on the local computer on which they exist as well as grant users the rights to perform system tasks on this computer.

Built-in local groups exist within the Local Security Database on standalone servers or client computers running Windows 2000. They are created within the Users folder of the Local Users and Groups console (see Chapter 5). The six basic built-in local groups and their functions are as follows:


Members can perform any administrative ...

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