VPN connection


Configure a VPN connection, configure advanced connection settings, connect using a VPN connection, create a new VPN connection, and monitor the status of a VPN connection.


For information on general terminology related to remote-access connections, see remote access. Described in this section are tasks relating to creating and configuring outbound VPN connections on Windows 2000 computers.

For tasks relating to inbound connections, see the following articles in this chapter:

incoming connection

Describes how to configure incoming connections on a standalone Windows 2000 server that is part of a workgroup

remote-access server

Describes how to configure incoming connections on a Windows 2000 domain controller or member server that is part of a domain

The tasks listed here (unless otherwise specified) assume that you have already opened the Network and Dial-up Connections window by:

Start Settings Network and Dial-up Connections

Configure a VPN Connection

When you use the Network Connection Wizard to create a new outbound VPN connection, you specify only minimal configuration information for the connection. Typically, you need to further configure the connection so that you can successfully and efficiently connect to the VPN remote-access server on the remote private network. To configure a VPN connection on a client machine:

Right-click on connection Properties

Following are some highlights of some of the more important settings on the five tabs ...

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