Shared Folders — PP


Creates and manages shared folders on local and remote computers.


Shared Folders makes it easy to create and manage shares on local and remote computers, as well as to stop and reconfigure shares, terminate user sessions, and close files.

For administrators familiar with Windows NT 4.0 Server, the Shared Folders snap-in performs functions similar to those provided by the NT administrative tool called Server Manager.

Using Shared Folders

You can access Shared Folders by either:

  • Start Programs Administrative Tools Computer Management System Tools Shared Folders

  • Installing the Shared Folders snap-in into a new or existing console

The console tree looks like this:

Shared Folders Shares Sessions Open Files

Shares displays information about shared resources (folders, volumes, printers, directories, or named pipes) on the computer, including the share name, the path to the shared resource, the type of network connection (Windows, Macintosh, or NetWare), and the current number of connected users.

Sessions displays information about network users currently connected to shared resources on the computer, including the username and computer name of each connected user, the type of network connection, the number of files the user has open on the computer, how much time has elapsed since the user first connected to the computer, and the amount of time since his last activity on the computer.

Open Files displays information about files currently open ...

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