Terminal Services Configuration — H,PP


Manages server settings and protocol-configuration settings on the terminal server.


This tool is only available when Terminal Services and Terminal Services Licensing components are installed on a Windows 2000 server. It is used to configure server and connection settings for Terminal Services.

Terminal Services Configuration corresponds to the administrative tool, Terminal Server Client Connection Configuration, on the Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition platform.

Using Terminal Services Configuration

You can access Terminal Services Configuration by:

  • Start Programs Administrative Tools Terminal Services Configuration

  • Installing the Terminal Services Configuration snap-in into a new or existing console

The console tree typically looks like this:

Terminal Services Configuration Connections Server Settings

For background information see Terminal Services.

Action Menu

Under the Action menu you can select the following:


Select this to create a new Terminal Services connection, specifying the connection type, encryption level, authentication method, whether to enable remote control, a name for the connection, transport type, and network adapter to use. (Each connection must have either a unique connection type, transport type, or network adapter.) Connections are displayed in the Details Pane and can be renamed, disabled, or reconfigured as desired.

Server Settings

Select this to display or modify server-configuration ...

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