Network and Dial-up Connections


Creates and manages LAN/WAN connections.

To Launch

  • Start Settings Control Panel Network and Dial-up Connections

  • Start Programs Accessories Communications Network and Dial-up Connections

  • Command interpreter control ncpa.cpl


Network and Dial-up Connections opens a folder that by default contains two icons:

Make New Connection

Starts the Network Connection Wizard, which walks you through the process of creating a private or public dial-up connection, VPN connection, direct computer (null-modem cable) connection, or incoming connection for remote access. For more information see connection.

Local-Area Connection

Displays the status (speed, uptime, packets sent and received) and lets you configure which networking services are bound to your network adapter card (see local-area connection).

Additional connection icons will be displayed if they have been created. You can also use the folder menu to perform certain operations regarding connections:


Enables or disables a connection, accesses the properties of a connection, or creates a new connection.


Configures the following functions:

Operator-Assisted Dialing

When toggled on, lets you pick up the phone and either dial the connection manually or ask the operator to do so. When you are finished, click the Dial button to initiate the connection, and then hang up once the modem has control. This works with dial-up connections only.

Dial-up Preferences

Configures autodial ...

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