net accounts


Manages password and logon requirements for user accounts.


net accounts [/forcelogoff:{minutes | no}] [/minpwlen:length] 
[/maxpwage:{days | unlimited}] [/minpwage:days] [/uniquepw:number] 



Current password and logon settings.

/forcelogoff:[ minutes | no]

Time to wait before terminating a user session when account or password expires. (The default is no, which means user is not forced to log off.) A warning is sent to the user telling him to save his work.

/minpwlen: length

Minimum number of characters required for password. (The default is 6, and the allowed range is 0-127.)

/maxpwage:[ days | unlimited]

Maximum number of days passwords are valid before expiring. (The default is 90, and the allowed range is 1- 49,710.) unlimited means passwords never expire. The value of /maxpwage must exceed /minpwage.

/minpwage: days

Minimum number of days before a user is allowed to change her password. (The default is 0, and the allowed range is - 49,710.) Choosing means users can change their passwords anytime.

/uniquepw: number

Specification of password history by requiring users to not repeat a password for number password changes. (The default is 5, and the allowed range is 0-24.)

/lockoutthreshold: number

Maximum number of failed logon attempts before account is locked. (Allowed range is 1-999.)

/lockoutduration: minutes

How long a locked account remains locked before being automatically unlocked. (Allowed range is 1-99,999.)

/lockoutwindow: ...

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