disaster recovery


Recovering from hardware or software failures on Windows 2000 computers.


Windows 2000 includes various features that help administrators recover from hardware or software failures, which are discussed in this article.

Windows 2000 Backup and Recovery Tools

The single most important way to prepare for possible disasters is to ensure that important data is backed up regularly. Windows 2000 includes a utility called Windows 2000 Backup and Recovery Tools (or simply Windows Backup), which lets administrators perform several important disaster recovery functions.


Windows Backup lets you back up entire volumes, subtrees of folders, or individual folders to any other backup media where a file can be written to, such as a tape drive, hard disk, removable disk, or writable compact disc. Using Windows Backup, you can perform either or both of the following scopes of backups:

Local backup

Each computer to be backed up requires its own backup media device, and the backup is performed by the user at the local computer. Users can back up their own files and folders and any files they have Read permission on.

Network backup

An administration can back up data from multiple computers on the network to a central server with a backup media device attached. Administrators, Backup Operators, and Server Operators can back up any files on any computer in the domain.


If you are using Windows 2000 Backup, then system-state data for a computer can only ...

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