net user


Manages user accounts.


net user [username [password | *] [options] ] [/domain]
net user username {password | *} /add [options] [/domain]
net user username [/delete] [/domain]



Lists user accounts on computer or domain (see /domain later in this list).

username [ password | *] [ options ]

Indicates user account (up to 20 characters long) and password (up to 127 characters long) to manage. An asterisk prompts for a password when the command is run. options specifies account options, which can include:

/active:[no | yes]

Enables or disables the account (enabled is default).

/comment:" text "

Indicates a descriptive comment up to 48 characters long.

/countrycode: nnn

Uses Country/Region codes to specify language file for user’s Help and error messages (use 0 for default Country/Region code).

/expires:[date | never]

Represents the account expiration date (use mm/dd/yy, dd/mm/yy, or mmm,dd,yy format depending on the Country/Region code).

/fullname:" name "

Indicates the user’s full name.

/homedir: path

Indicates path to user’s home directory.

/passwordchg:[yes | no]

Specifies whether users can change their password (default is yes).

/passwordreq:[yes | no]

Specifies whether a password is required (default is yes).


Indicates path to user’s logon profile.

/scriptpath: path

Indicates path to user’s logon script, which must be relative to:

/times:[ times | all ]

Represents logon hours ...

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