Make a printer available through the Internet or intranet

The mechanism that enables you to share your printer with other users on the Internet or an intranet is Internet Information Services (IIS). When you install IIS on Windows 2000 Server, Setup automatically creates the necessary virtual folder for printers and shares any currently shared printers through IIS. In the case of Windows 2000 Professional, installing IIS doesn’t always configure the necessary Printers folder, so you have to do it manually. The following procedures will help you install IIS and configure your printers for sharing on the Internet or intranet.


Setup installs IIS by default when you install Windows 2000. You only need to reinstall IIS if it has been removed or was omitted as part of an unattended installation. The problem with Setup not configuring the Printers virtual folder under Windows 2000 Professional should not occur if you have installed all updates and Service Packs for Windows 2000, but you can still configure the folder manually, if needed.

Install IIS

As with other Windows 2000 components, you install IIS through the Add/Remove Programs object in the Control Panel. If you’re installing IIS under Windows 2000 Server, this should be the only thing you need to do to enable other users to access printers on the server from the Internet. If installing IIS on a Windows 2000 Professional computer you’ll need to complete the other procedures in this section as well.

  1. Install the drivers for the ...

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