Automatically connect a drive letter to a network share at logon

If you use the same network shares all the time, you probably want to automatically map a local drive letter to those shares each time you log on. You have two options for doing so: use the Reconnect at Logon option, or map the drives through a logon script.


You can map a drive through the Home Folder group of a user profile. Open the Local Users and Groups object in the Computer Management console to configure the user profile.

Use Reconnect at Logon

If you log on from the same computer all the time, the easiest way to configure a network share for automatic connection when you log on is to use the Reconnect at Logon option when you map the drive.

  1. Right-click My Network Places and choose Map Network Drive.

  2. Select the drive letter and folder to map, then select the option Reconnect at Logon. If you deselect this option, the mapping applies only for the current logon session.

  3. Click OK.

Map network drives with a logon script

A logon script is a good option if you log on from different computers on the network and need to map multiple drive letters to network shares. Because the logon script can follow you around the network (see the following section on roaming profiles), the script maps your drives for you no matter where you log on:

  1. If you already have a logon script, you can modify it to add the commands required to map the network drives. Otherwise, create a new logon script using Notepad and give it a .bat or

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