Windows 2012 Server Network Security

Book description

Windows 2012 Server Network Security provides the most in-depth guide to deploying and maintaining a secure Windows network. The book drills down into all the new features of Windows 2012 and provides practical, hands-on methods for securing your Windows systems networks, including:

  • Secure remote access
  • Network vulnerabilities and mitigations
  • DHCP installations configuration
  • MAC filtering
  • DNS server security
  • WINS installation configuration
  • Securing wired and wireless connections
  • Windows personal firewall
  • Remote desktop services
  • Internet connection sharing
  • Network diagnostics and troubleshooting

Windows network security is of primary importance due to the sheer volume of data residing on Windows networks. Windows 2012 Server Network Security provides network administrators with the most focused and in-depth coverage of Windows network security threats along with methods and techniques for securing important mission-critical networks and assets. The book also covers Windows 8.

  • Provides practical examples of how to secure your Windows network
  • Focuses specifically on Windows network security rather than general concepts
  • One of the first books to cover Windows Server 2012 network security

Product information

  • Title: Windows 2012 Server Network Security
  • Author(s): Derrick Rountree
  • Release date: March 2013
  • Publisher(s): Syngress
  • ISBN: 9781597499651