Chapter 12. Managing Disk Drives and File Systems

  • Disk Management Essentials 408

  • Improving Disk Performance 414

  • Working with Basic and Dynamic Disks 420

  • Using Basic and Dynamic Disks 423

  • Working with Disks, Partitions, and Volumes 429

  • Partitioning Disks and Preparing Them for Use 431

  • Using Disk Mirroring 444

  • Moving a Dynamic Disk to a New System 445

  • Troubleshooting Common Disk Problems 447

  • Working with Removable Storage Devices 458

  • Working with Data CDs and DVDs 460

  • Managing Disk Compression and File Encryption 465

Most computers have several types of drives, including internal disk drives and removable media drives. An internal hard disk drive is typically the primary storage device. In most cases, the first hard disk drive installed is designated Disk 0. ...

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