Chapter II.1. Running Windows from Start to Finish

In This Chapter

  • Moving around the desktop

  • Working with windows (windows with a wittle w)

  • Stepping through the wondrous Taskbar

  • Organizing files and folders

  • Showing filename extensions

  • Using libraries to extend your reach

  • To sleep, perchance to dream

This chapter explains how to find your way around the Windows windows. If you're an old hand at Windows, you know most of this stuff — such as mousing and interacting with dialog boxes — but I bet some of it will come as a surprise, particularly if you've never taken advantage of Windows 7 libraries or if the idea of using a background slide show appeals to you. You know who you are.

Most of all, you need to understand that you don't have to accept all the default settings. Windows 7 was designed to sell more copies of Windows 7. A lot of that folderol just gets in the way. What's best for Microsoft isn't necessarily best for you, and a few quick clicks can help make your PC more usable, and more ...yours.


If you're looking for information on customizing the Windows 7 Start menu and the taskbar, skip ahead to Book III, Chapter 2.

A Few Quick Steps to Make the Desktop Your Own

As soon as you log on to the computer (that's what it's called when you click your name), you're greeted with an enormous expanse of near-nothingness, cleverly painted with a pretty picture. Your computer manufacturer might have chosen the picture for you, or you might see the default Microsoft screen.

Your Windows destiny, ...

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