Chapter V.5. Searching on the Internet

In This Chapter

  • Recognizing that Google ain't the only game in town — and neither is Microsoft Live Search or Bing

  • Searching quickly and effectively

  • Using Google pet tricks

  • Posting on newsgroups with Google

Internet searching can be a lonely business. You're out there, on the Internet range, with nothing but gleaming banner ads and text links to guide you. What happens when you want to find information on a specific subject but you're not sure where to start? What if Google leads you on a wild goose chase? What if the Microsoft Bing "decision engine" takes the wrong turn?

Microsoft has been gunning for Google for years as though it's the only big search engine in town, but the fact remains that alternatives to Google abound. You don't need to develop a religious attachment to a single search engine. Look around and go with what works best for you.


We cover Google with near-religious fervor on

Even though everybody (outside of Redmond) says that Google is the best search engine, not everybody knows just how great Google is. Some of the engine's best parts are also its best-kept secrets. That's a shame, really, because folks who spend time searching the Web for information can save a lot of time and effort if they know how to use Google effectively. And, folks who don't spend time searching the Web for things should.

This chapter helps you get the most from Google, yes, but it also shows you many alternatives that can truly come in handy, ...

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