Chapter V.6. Sending Windows Mail Live

In This Chapter

  • Choosing the right e-mail program

  • Whatever happened to [fill in the blank] mail?

  • Using Windows 7's Live Mail Essential

  • Putting together decent e-mail messages with a minimum of hassle

  • Keeping on top of your contacts


What happened to Outlook Express?


Oh, it went away a long time ago. Outlook Express was the free e-mail program that shipped in Windows XP and almost all its predecessors. It's kaput. Bygones.


What happened to Windows Mail?


It disappeared, too. Windows Mail was a barely warmed-over minor upgrade to Outlook Express. Microsoft shipped Windows Mail as the free e-mail program in Windows Vista. But Microsoft forgot about Windows Mail shortly after it shipped. Orphaned. Abandoned at birth.


So what do we do for mail in Windows now?


Microsoft now actively encourages all Windows users — even those with Windows XP — to download and install Windows Live Mail, the latest and greatest incarnation of the Outlook Ex — er, Windows Mail line. Either that or you can buy Outlook, which is part of Microsoft Office.


Microsoft dropped all significant support for Outlook Express and Windows Mail years ago. Why? Because they don't make Microsoft any money. As "free" e-mail programs inside Windows, Microsoft couldn't charge for them, couldn't stick advertising in them, couldn't make a sou. Now, with the new, improved Windows Live Mail — which doesn't ship inside any version of Windows — Microsoft feels free to "monetize" its e-mail program. ...

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