Chapter 25. DVD, Video, and More

There's more to Windows Media Player than ripping and burning CDs. Media Player can play digital media stored on DVD, Enhanced DVD, VCD, and SVCD disks. It can play video files you acquire online or create yourself in Movie Maker. You can even use it to manage photos and copy them to portable devices.

If you have Media Center with your version of Windows 7, you can use Media Center or Media Player to manage and watch recorded TV.

Watching DVD, VCD, and Such

If your computer has a DVD drive, you can use it to watch DVD movies — including movies you buy or rent at a movie store, as well as DVDs you create yourself using Windows DVD Maker. You can use the techniques described here to watch VCD and SVCD disks. You don't need a DVD drive for those kinds of disks; a CD drive will do.

Setting defaults for DVDs

You can choose a default program for playing DVDs. The default program is the one ...

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