Chapter 9. Sending and Receiving E-Mail

In This Chapter

  • Setting up e-mail

  • Sending and receiving files

  • Sending and receiving photos

  • Finding lost mail

  • Managing your contacts

A Web browser turns the Internet into a multimedia magazine, but an e-mail program turns it into your personalized post office, where you never need to fumble for a stamp. Windows 7, unfortunately, leaves you fumbling for something else: an e-mail program to send and receive your e-mail.

To replace your missing e-mail program, Microsoft hopes that you'll download and install Microsoft's free Windows Live Mail. You'll find mentions of Windows Live scattered throughout the Windows 7 menus, just begging for a click.

This chapter describes Windows Live Mail, as well as some alternative e-mail programs you may prefer. If you take the plunge on Windows Live Mail, this chapter describes how to download and install the program, set it up to work with a new or existing e-mail address, and keep your e-mail flowing in both directions.

Understanding E-Mail Options in Windows 7

E-mail programs come in two types: programs you fiddle with on a Web site and standalone programs that run on your PC. Both varieties attract fans, for the reasons I outline in the following sections.

Web-based e-mail

Web-based e-mail programs, such as those offered by Google (, Yahoo! (, and AOL (, let you send and receive e-mail directly from a Web site. To check or send e-mail, you visit the Web site, enter your ...

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