Chapter 16. Fiddling with Photos and Movies

In This Chapter

  • Copying digital camera photos into your computer

  • Viewing photos in your Pictures library

  • Saving digital photos to a CD

  • E-mailing and printing photos

  • Editing photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery

  • Copying camcorder footage into your computer

  • Creating a slide show with DVD Maker

  • Editing your video into a movie and saving it to a DVD

This chapter introduces you to the ever-growing relationship between Windows, digital cameras, and camcorders — both the new digital and older analog models. This chapter explains how to move your digital photos and movies onto your computer, edit out the bad parts, display them to friends and family, e-mail them to distant relatives, and save them in easy-to-find locations on your computer.

One final note: After you've begun creating a family album on your computer, please take steps to back it up properly, as I describe in Chapter 12. (This chapter explains how to copy them to a CD or DVD, as well.) Your family memories can't be replaced.

Using Your Computer as a Digital Shoebox

The following sections help you turn your PC into a digital shoebox. I explain how to move your camera's photos onto your PC, browse through them, and save them to a CD or DVD. I also explain how to manage your collection, letting you solve the biggest problem among photographers: finding that quintessential shot you took a few weeks back.

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