Chapter 23. Your Life in Sync—Windows 7 and Live Services

In This Chapter

  • Accessing Windows Live services that Microsoft promotes in Windows 7

  • Establishing an online persona with Windows Live ID

  • Utilizing e-mail online with Hotmail

  • Blogging with Windows Live Spaces

  • Planning and immortalizing events with Windows Live Events

  • Storing files online with Windows Live SkyDrive

  • Downloading and installing Windows Live products with the Windows Live suite

  • Communicating with others online with Windows Live Messenger

  • Extending Internet Explorer with the Windows Live Toolbar

  • Creating a Web portal and searching the Web with

  • Taking your first steps toward cloud computing with Live Mesh

In late 2005, about a year before it completed development of Windows 7, Microsoft announced that it was radically changing its online strategy to better compete with Google, Yahoo!, and other companies. Microsoft's new strategy, called Software + Services (as in "software plus services"), is simple: because it already dominates the PC operating system market with Windows, it no longer needs to take the technically dubious (and antitrust unfriendly) tack of bundling online services directly in Windows, as it did in the past. Instead, Microsoft's online services are combining capabilities from both desktop software and online services to deliver the best possible user experience. More to the point, Microsoft can build off the success of Windows without unnecessarily taking advantage of its market power. Yes, most of ...

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