Chapter 2. Getting Around Windows 7

In Chapter 1, we took a quick glance at the various new features in Windows 7. Among the new features are the much improved taskbar, the improved capabilities of gadgets, and the many UI improvements that make the Windows experience a much more enjoyable one.

In this chapter, we will take a more detailed look at three features that have the most effect on your daily Windows experience:


The taskbar is now more than just a windows-switcher—it is also an application launcher. You’ll learn how mastering the taskbar will make your life easier.


The Libraries is a new feature in Windows 7. Using the Libraries, you can group your files and folders into logical units so they are easier to manage.

Desktop Gadgets

Gadgets in Windows 7 now have a new lease on life. In Windows Vista, gadgets were constrained to the Sidebar, which was never really a popular feature among people with small-screen computers (netbooks and small portable computers). In Windows 7, gadgets are free to roam about on your desktop.


One of the most significant changes in Windows 7 is the taskbar. The new taskbar in Windows 7 combines the good old Windows taskbar with the Quick Launch feature available in previous versions of Windows. As mentioned, it is no longer just a windows switcher—it is also an application launcher, in which application icons can be pinned for easy access.

Aero Peek

In Windows 7, mousing over an icon in the taskbar whose application is running reveals ...

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