Chapter 1: Controlling the Start Screen

In This Chapter

arrow.png Stop worrying and start loving that tiled Start screen

arrow.png Changing tiles and the background on the Start screen

arrow.png Making the Start screen yours

arrow.png Behind the scenes with Tiled Snap

If you’re an experienced Windows user, chances are good the first time you saw the Start screen, you wondered who put an iPad on it. However, if you’re an experienced iPad user, chances are good the first time you worked with the Start screen, you went screaming for your iPad.

The Start screen — the first screen you see in Windows when you get past the login, and the screen you’ll come back to over and over again — defines and anchors Windows. Like it or not.

askwoodycom_vista.eps As much as I like to kvetch about Start, the screen’s, uh, starting to grow on me. More than a few times I’ve strayed back to a Windows 7 machine and found myself wondering why pressing the Windows key doesn’t bring up Start.

My advice, if you’re Start–adverse, is to give it a real workout for a month ...

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