Chapter 2: Searching in and with the Start Screen

In This Chapter

arrow.png The Start screen Search shtick

arrow.png Using the touch keyboard

arrow.png Searching for programs, settings, and files, tile style

arrow.png Removing apps from search

Microsoft designed search on the tiled side of the Windows 8 fence to run quickly and easily, and in a way that finds most of what needs to be found, with minimal hassle. Unfortunately, the way most people use Search on the tiled side misses things in ways that mystify.

askwoodycom_vista.eps In this chapter, I talk about search with training wheels: The simple tiled way of doing things, with simple searches — realizing that sometimes the searches don’t produce reasonable results. What do I mean by “reasonable”? Good question. If you go into the Windows Store, for example, and search for the term recipes, you will never find the Allrecipes app. If you search your files for the term invoice, you will never find a file named CustomerInvoice123.xlsx. In this chapter, the beginning course, I won’t be overly ...

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