Chapter 1: The Tiled Internet Explorer

In This Chapter

arrow.png Exploring the two faces of IE

arrow.png Navigating the tiled version of Internet Explorer

arrow.png Flipping to the desktop IE

arrow.png Sorting your settings

arrow.png Choosing your default browser

arrow.png Getting the lowdown on Flash and HTML5

After spending many years playing catch-up ball with Firefox and, more recently, Google’s Chrome browser, Internet Explorer has blazed new ground with the tiled, full–screen version of Internet Explorer. The desktop version of Internet Explorer mostly re-works the same-old same-old, with a few notable improvements. Tiled IE, on the other hand, changes the game entirely. New playing field. New goal posts. And a new chance to shed the accumulated garbage of the past decade or more.

I talk about the desktop version of IE in Book VI, Chapter 6. If you’re just interested in running a browser on the desktop, that’s where you should look. I ...

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